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Thurston's turkey 2012One of the greatest pleasures in life is watching someone begin to read and enjoy words.  It happens so fast, like magic.  Back in November, my grandson was accomplished with his name, a few phrases, and lots of words on sight.  Now, just half a year later, he can pick up most items, books, comics, cereal boxes, directions, menus, and figure out most of the words and the rest from context.  He sits on the couch, wrapped up in his new Garfield book, and studies it intently.

While I watch him, I wonder…Of all the words swirling around in his world, which ones  will he look back to in fifty years?  Who are the authors who have created the images, phrases, poems, and scenes that he will use when choices he must make are murky, maddening, or dangerous?

Right now, he refers to Piggy and Elephant who learn to share…

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I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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